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CrossFit Open 2016: What we learnt

CrossFit Open 2016: What we learnt

As of 11am BSIAT (Best State In Australia Time) yesterday, the 2016 CrossFit Open had officially closed. There were tears, there was the threat of vomit, and there was much sweat. Performance was through the roof, and the CrossFit Woolloongabba community did what it does best: supports, encourages, participates, and contributes to making CrossFit Woolloongabba the best affiliate in Brisbane Australia the world.

Here is what we learnt:

  • Under event conditions and time-clock pressure, unexpected things happen: Take 16.3 for example. Before 16.3, we had around six members who could do bar muscle-ups. At the completion of 16.3, we had about 30! Remarkable.
  • “Judging” someone’s workout adds another fibre to the friendship: Helping a friend battle fatigue and demons and driving them to outperforming themselves creates a bond that is hard to replicate. The value of having someone support you on your way to exhaustion is hard to explain.
  • A swimming pool, a table tennis table, a BBQ, and some beers should be prerequisites for all CrossFit boxes: There’s nothing quite like (or kinda gross as) sitting in a pool with your buddies with a cold bev having just spent three days’ worth of energy in 14 minutes.
  • Performance anxiety and stress suck, but they can be used in your favour: Everyone was nervous before each WoD, there’s no doubt about that. But boy, in most cases it supercharged our athletes to take their efforts beyond any level of expectations.
  • Everyone has their own encouragement methodology: Some take the James Earl Jones approach (“Everything the light touches is your kingdom”), some take the wild banshee approach. Both work.
  • Nothing gets easier, we just get faster: Pretty much just that.
  • Our crew is a pretty generous crew: We had folks turn up with supplies, we had people volunteering to cook the BBQ, and we had folks help set up and clean up, all because they wanted to.
  • What we do at CFW is uncommon: We had numerous non-members join us for some of the Open WoDs purely because of the vibe we have created. Most of them have either joined up or have stayed in contact with us because of how much they enjoyed hanging out with us.
  • The Friday/Monday Open workout structure worked out pretty well: Whilst there is no perfect plan, running a Friday event and then Monday catch-ups worked quite well.
  • The beasts were solid but the newwies were outstanding: The 2016 Open was the first Open for heaps of our members and they went bizerk. It was inspiring to see how whole-heartedly the Open was embraced.
  • The atmosphere was top-shelf: Any event that measures one person against another will inherently bring competitiveness and expectations, but results were a distant second during this year’s Open. The social vibe and community spirit were a pleasure to be a part of.

But that’s what we think. What about you? What was your best bit/worst bit of the Open? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Sabine Goeman -

    I joined the classes at CFW at 16.2, honestly I thought there was no way I would get through any of the Open workouts scaled or not. Then I gave them a go, and felt all the wonderful vibes and cheering on and I did them. I even posted 2 scores, 16.4 & 16.5. I am so very thankful for everyone who comes to the Gabba, so welcoming, supportive, friendly and happy to help a newbie push through and get it done. I know this may seem odd to all who did 16.5 but it was my favourite, it pushed me to what I thought were my limits then beyond. The best feeling… collapsing on floor after 16.5 knowing I did it…

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