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CrossFit Open 2016: The Official Plan

CrossFit Open 2016: The Official Plan

With the CrossFit Open just two weeks away, we are glad to announce the CrossFit Woolloongabba schedule of events for the upcoming five-week epic beginning Friday February 26 (Australian time).

If you are unsure what the Open is, read this post first.

You can sign up to the CrossFit Open here. We encourage everyone to sign up, but if you choose not to, you are still welcome to participate in the workouts (it just means you won’t officially be part of the “Open” event in terms of international and nationals rankings and the in-house promos). Registrations are open up until the first WoD.

Note that there are modified versions of all Open workouts to cater for everyone, so whether you are a new-comer or a replica Froning or Thorisdottir, everyone can be involved.

This is how we do it

The survey we ran a few weeks ago supported the idea of a social function on Friday evenings, but also suggested that having the Open workouts as part of a regular day schedule would be convenient. With this in mind, here is how the schedule will play out during the Open period (noting that CrossFit HQ announces the Open WoD’s mid-morning each Friday during the Open period):

Friday (Feb 26, and March 4, 11, 18, 25):

  • 5.30am – regular scheduled WoD
  • 9.30am – regular scheduled WoD
  • Open WoD announced at at 11am QLD time.
  • 5.30pm through to 7.30pm (approx) – Open WoD (featuring beers, BBQ, friends, families, and epic table tennis)

Monday (Feb 29, and March 7, 14, 21, 28)

  • 5.30am – Open WoD (or Friday morning WoD if you completed the Open WoD on Friday evening)
  • 9.30am – Open WoD (or Friday morning WoD)
  • 4.30pm – Open WoD (or Friday morning WoD)
  • 5.30pm – Open WoD (or Friday morning WoD)
  • 6.30pm – Open WoD (or Friday morning WoD)

Note: Those who do the Open WoD on Friday evening will have the option of doing the Friday morning WoD on Monday during class times, or redoing the Open WoD if they choose. Please be aware though that if you redo the Open WoD, the most recent score you achieve is the one that is used even if it is worse than your previous attempt – CFHQ rules.

Scheduling for the rest of the week will not change. The Saturday WoD will be marginally calmer than usual and used as a recovery/preparation session. An advanced option will be available for those who want the work.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are unable to make any of those sessions, drop us a line at and we will help you out.

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