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CrossFit Open: The CFW Plan

CrossFit Open: The CFW Plan

The very simplified purpose of the CrossFit Open is to “rank” every registered CrossFit athlete in the World in order based on their geographical region to identify the best athletes within that region. Those athletes are then invited to participate in Regionals which is effectively stage two in the process. Those who perform well at Regionals are then invited to participate in the CrossFit Games in California in July which is ultimately the pinnacle in CrossFit competition. In other words:

  1. To qualify to participate in the CrossFit Games, you must do well at Regionals.
  2. To make it to Regionals, you must do well in the CrossFit Open.
  3. To do well in the CrossFit Open, you need to turn up to class a lot, and possibly quit your job to train more.

However, the more community-driven purpose of the CrossFit Open is to provide members of CrossFit affiliates (boxes, gyms etc) around the world with an opportunity to be part of a universal CrossFit event which measures all athletes equally across a five week period. Without trivialising the event, it is not unlike a fun-run: some folks will be in it to win it, others will do it because they wish to experience the event and can do so with the support and camaraderie of friends and colleagues. The Open works as follows:

  • Each week for five weeks, a workout-of-the-day will be released by CrossFit HQ in the USA (approximately 10.00am each Thursday morning, QLD time).
  • Those who wish to participate in the Open will have until 10.00am the following Wednesday to complete the official workout.
  • All workouts are judged by a colleague (a registered judge) and signed off by a coach.

The CrossFit Woolloongabba plan

This year we would like to make the Open a highly inclusive, enjoyable, and social event for our members, their friends, and their families. The objective is to create an enjoyable social experience for those involved. Embracing the community theme that CrossFit Woolloongabba is known for, we want to facilitate a family/all ages event each Friday night for five weeks. The Open workouts will be the pivotal part of the evening but will be followed by a BBQ, drinks, and epic table tennis. Our proposed schedule is:

  • 5.30pm – 7.30pm each Friday during the Open
    • 26 Feb, and 4, 11, 18, 25 March
  • 5.30pm briefing, 6.00pm start
  • Last heat completed by approximately 7.30pm
  • Friends, family invited to attend/spectate
  • Social activities from 7.30pm
    • Free BBQ
    • Free drinks
    • Free table tennis
  • For those unable to attend this time, we will provide a catch-up option on Saturday from 11.00am. If this time doesn’t suit, drop us a line ( and we will arrange a catch-up for you.

But wait!

Before we go arranging baby petting zoos and juggling robots, we want to find out what suits our members. A survey link has been circulated via the CrossFit Woolloongabba newsletter. Jump on there and let us know what you think. Cheers team.

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