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Did someone says “comps”?

Did someone says “comps”?

CrossFit comps take place all over our city and region throughout the year, providing every avid CrossFitter with an avenue to test the skills we work so hard to develop day in and day out at our local box. In fact, mostly they’re just a lot of fun.

The team at CrossFit Woolloongabba would like to formally invite you (yes, you!) to get amongst it and sign up for one of many upcoming comps this year and beyond!
Crossfit Woollongabba Birsbane are happy after competition day

How does is work?

Upcoming events will be posted to the ‘CFWoolloongabba – Community’ page on Facebook as they arise. By going to this page and clicking the ‘Events’ tab, you will be able to see a comprehensive view of upcoming events in our area.
Posters for all events will also be posted in the box, which gives you the option to register your interest after you get your WOD on during the week.

What if it’s a team comp?

Team comps are ridiculously fun – once you try it, you’ll be hooked! For team-based comps, we ask that you please organize your own teams with others who have signed up either on the Facebook event page or on a poster in the box. Once you have organized your team, post your team members’ names on the event and your friendly Comp Ambassador (Coach Laura) will help you get organized from there.

How do I know if I’m ready?

Most comps have Scaled and RX options for all events, and many cater to beginners. If you are brand spanking new to CrossFit, speak with one of our splendid CFW Coaches about whether or not an event you’re interested in is right for you. In fact anyone should feel free to speak to any CFW Coach with questions about competing. All of our Coaches have had experience competing and are happy to provide insight and advice for your first time on the competition floor.

How do I stay in the know?

Simply make sure you have joined the ‘CrossFit Woolloongabba – Community’ page on Facebook (send a request through if you haven’t!) and/or keep your email address updated with our membership team. You can also keep an eye out at the box for event posters and sign-ups. And if you are interested in competing, don’t forget to talk about it with your fellow CrossFit Woolloongabba members! Many of our members have competed before and have absolutely loved the experience.

CrossFit Woolloongabba is first and foremost about community. Competitions are a great way to get to know other members, have some fun, and find out what your limits truly are.

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